Materials Used

The durability and quality of Parker Boyd teak combined with its beautiful aesthetic properties make it an ideal timber for outdoor use. Teak wood has a very high oil content which does not require any oiling to protect or extend its lifespan.

Small surface cracks may appear due to the weather changes and the wood drawing in and releasing moisture. This will not affect the strength and durability of the timber.

On exposure to the elements color variations steadily even out and eventually weather to an elegant silver grey. If however you want to maintain the original color we recommend use a teak sealer on a regular basis. To help protect frame any staining we recommend the use of a teak protector which gives you time to clean up

If your table does require cleaning please use a soft bristled brush or soft scourer with mild soapy water. Do not use harsh detergents. The timber should be thoroughly wet before any cleaning takes place.

Parker Boyd uses Sunproof fabric which is a solution dyed acrylic fabric made for outdoor use. We also use Cellfoam for the cushions which allows water to run. If your fabric requires cleaning please use mild soapy water and wipe cushions clean then rinse with clean water. Do not take covers off and machine wash

Sling is the term used for the material used in seats and backs of chairs. It is an open mesh fabric made from a vinyl coated polyester yarn. We use Batyline sling material which is rated as one of the top performing brands in its class.

Parker Boyd aluminium is a light and tough metal with excellent strength. It is corrosive resistant making it an ideal metal for outdoor use.